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Uniform Team

 If you have experience with sewing or alterations, we definitely welcome you and need you to share your talents. However, if you do not know how to sew, but you want to get involved with other parent volunteers and help our students look their best, then the uniform committee is for you too! To get more information about volunteering on the uniform committee or to sign up, please contact Mandy Brown or Heather Redd. 

why join the uniform team?

You will love being a part of the uniform team!  This team works hand-in-hand with students to ensure the uniforms are in the best possible condition for marching and concert season.  The uniform team will store, distribute and repair for all band performances. This team is a great opportunity to meet new parents as well as the band students.  This team requires a flexible schedule during band camp and a knack for organizing shoes, hats, and jackets! 

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