Chaperone Team

Chaperone Team

The chaperone team exists to provide support for our band members and staff.  We aim to keep the band students safe as they enter and leave the stadium.  Chaperones also keep the students hydrated while in the stands and after performances. This team keeps the band block clean and orderly throughout the event. 

why chaperone?

Volunteering with the band is one of the best experiences for parents.  Being a chaperone gives the parents the opportunity to meet others parents as well as getting to know the students.  It is hard work, but it is the place to be during #fridaynightlights.  The students bring an energy that brings an atmosphere of fun and unity.  The students love the band parents! Being a band chaperone allows us great memories with our own students as well as their friends! 


Donna Eads

" The kids are not the only ones living their best lives!!! We are making memories each and every time we sign up to volunteer.  I enjoy helping in many areas , especially on the uniform committee!!   We are the most fun group of parent volunteers and we make it more fun together!"

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