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The primary purpose of the concession stand is to generate much-needed funds for the band program. The stand operates 10-12 weeks each year during marching band season. The stand serves patrons for Helena Middle School, 9th grade, JV and Varsity football games. The stand also serves food to the attendees and participants of the Shelby County Showcase when hosted by the Helena High Band. 

why concessions?

Profits from the concession stand generate approximately 80% of the total fundraising dollars for the band program each year.  As the largest fundraiser, it also requires the highest volume of volunteers. Did you know it takes 350-400 volunteers each year?  Parents who help in the concession stand not only keep band cost low but also get to meet new band parents.  All band parents should volunteer for two spots per year per child (maximum of four shifts with more than two children in the program). Each shift worked earns $75 towards your students band fee at a maximum of $150 credit towards fees. Detailed concession volunteer guidelines are attached and are available posted in the concession stand throughout the season.  If you have any questions about volunteering in concessions, please contact any of the concession stand leaders for this season.

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