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The equipment crew exists to work along side the student equipment crew to ensure the band has all the equipment needed to perform. The equipment crew handles equipment for home games, away games, competitions, parades, band trips, and Christmas parades. This team moves and transports all band equipment to and from all locations. Additionally, this team provides the water coolers to the stands to keep the students hydrated. 

why join the equipment crew?

The equipment crew truly makes the magic happen!  This team is honored to provide support to the students and care for their instruments.  These team members need to be in reasonably good shape as they are transporting heavy equipment on and off trucks multiple times during an away performance. Team members will ride or drive one of the equipment trucks and work closely with the band staff.  This team has tons of fun and works hard.  This group enjoys spending time with each other and the band students.  Join this team if you are looking for a way to get involved and meet other band parents!

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